🚨 Read First

Preventing Scams/Wallet Drainers:

  1. Whenever you join a new discord group always right click on that discord, then click privacy settings, then turn off privacy settings.

If not, you will receive 100s of DMs, where 80% of them are scams; fake mint sites, fake projects, fake free money, etc.

  1. Enticing DM? Just ignore it. A lot of offers where you sign up to a new exchange and get $100 to $5000, but then you have to deposit $50 to $500 first to get it.

This is a scam, ignore it. Again, turn off privacy settings so you don’t get unsolicited messages.

  1. Only click on the website links from their official twitter and discord page. And then cross examine the links within their social media pages to see the link is consistent.
  2. Use a burner wallet. Basically this is another wallet where you send the exact amount of CRYPTO you want to trade with. Very easy to do.

Watch this video to learn more:

  1. Always look at what you are approving. So many people just randomly click “approve” without actually looking at what they are agreeing to.

The contract will show you the balance for the NFT or estimated charges or the amount that will be taken from your account.
If the contract shows you the price of the balance for the NFT and it matches the public mint price that is mentioned by the project on their discord or twitter, then it’s most likely real.

But if the contract shows a different price or matches the amount of crypto you have in your wallet. Like if you have 100 Solana, and it shows 100 Solana, then you’re about to accept to a contract that will drain all your crypto and your nfts. So read before you accept, and use a burner wallet.

  1. Disconnect your wallet from seldomly used websites, and after minting.